Kathie enjoys riding bikes, playing tennis, walking her dog ‘Rocky’, reading and playing word games.

Kathie was diagnosed with Stage II ovarian cancer. She is also a WCRF clinical trial patient.

“The level of care and support I have received throughout this clinical trial has been truly remarkable. The WCRF is wonderful.”

Today, Kathie is feeling great!

Gloria enjoys working out at the gym three days a week doing weight training and driving her beautiful red Porsche.

Gloria was diagnosed with Stage III colon rectal cancer in 1999 and in 2006 with Stage I uterine cancer. She believes we need to continue looking for more effective treatments to cure cancer. Gloria also believes that the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation conducts research that is vital in achieving this goal.

“I am looking for all roads that lead to better, faster treatments and cures so that we can all travel down our own individual roads a lot longer.”


Connie has many interests, but dance has been the constant in her life! She also enjoys watching football while recovering from chemo, the beach, and her two beautiful daughters.

Connie was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer and immediately enrolled in a clinical trial with the WCRF.

“While treatments were challenging they were also quite tolerable. I know that I have personally benefitted from the successful research the WCRF has done.”

Today, Connie continues to enjoy her daughters and the gift of dance that is her life and career.

Cheryl enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, family, pets, and caring for her fruit trees.

Cheryl was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. She is currently very grateful to be participating in a WCRF clinical trial.

“Participating in a clinical trial meant that I would receive the ‘best’ attention, latest treatments available and best of all I would be contributing to research data that would benefit women in the future.”

Cheryl believes, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

Barbara enjoys gardening, journaling, mentoring and leading women’s groups.

Barbara’s journey began with a breast cancer diagnosis in 1989 followed by a diagnosis of advanced Stage III ovarian cancer in 2009. She is currently participating in a WCRF clinical trial.

“The WCRF’s successful clinical trial model provides hope, peace and clarity to women afflicted with breast and gynecologic cancers. Thru the power of research women can access new more promising treatments with higher cure rates.”

Today, Barbara’s journey of faith and hope continues.

Anita enjoys cooking, collecting cookbooks & recipes, drawing, and painting. Anita was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer in 2007.

“I feel very fortunate to have participated in a clinical trial managed by the WCRF. I like the fact that my experience could ultimately save lives in the future.”

Anita feels the WCRF Research Coordinators’ personalized attention made her feel less alone with the disease. 

Today, Anita revels in the here and now, enjoying great times with her three children.

Adele enjoys painting, playing the piano, walking on the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Adele’s journey began with peritoneal cancer. As a grateful clinical trial patient, she is hopeful that the WCRF will reach its goal.

“I feel the physicians and staff involved with my treatment are very caring.”

Today, Adele continues to paint; it is her ‘joie de vivre.’

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