Advances in equipment and techniques now allow many surgical procedures to be performed through tiny abdominal incisions. When performed by skilled operators “minimally invasive surgery” (MIS) results in dramatically shortened hospital stays and postoperative discomfort. Resumption of normal activity and return to work can occur much more rapidly than in surgeries requiring a traditional large abdominal incision. All GOA gynecologic oncologists are skilled endoscopic surgeons and perform hundreds of these surgeries yearly.MIS techniques can be divided into two categories:
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic instrumentation is directly manipulated by the operating surgeon. Articulating instrumentation, sophisticated power sources, 3-dimensional visualization systems etc., permit procedures to be be performed through fewer and smaller incisions. Some surgeries can even be performed through a single small incision (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery – SILS)!
“da Vinci” Robot Surgery

Robotic surgery consists of a surgeon’s console and and patient-side cart with four interactive robotic arms.  This technology provides the surgeon with excellent 3-dimensional visualization of the operative field.  The robotic instruments provide unparalleled dexterity, which mimics the range of motion of the human wrist.  Robotic surgery was FDA approved for gynecologic surgery in 2005.  GOA surgeons were early adopters of this technology and have performed more robotic surgeries than any group of Gynecologic Oncologists in Southern California.

Peruse the videos below to see the type of surgical procedures now performed endoscopically. All patients in these short films were discharged from the hospital either on the same day as the procedure or after an overnight stay.