The GOA Research Team oversees an active clinical research program through the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF). These efforts continually produce exciting advancements in the care of gynecologic malignancies.

To see currently open, recently closed, and completed prospective trials, click here. For a list of publications detailing the results of trials sponsored by the WCRF click here.

You may qualify for one or more clinical trials during the course of your treatment. If this is the case, our Research Team will become actively involved in your care.

Bram Goldstein PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Goldstein completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in clinical neuropsychology at the University of Arizona. His dissertation was written on the neuropsychological treatment of dyslexia, for which he was awarded the University of Arizona Graduate Foundation Fellowship. He has held research fellowships in neurologic oncology at the University of Pennsylvania, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and UCLA. He has authored more than 70 medical research publications and currently studies the therapeutic impact of novel surgical techniques and chemotherapy on patient survival rates.

Katrina Lopez, Research Director

Katrina has prior experience in several clinical care areas including outpatient Pediatrics, adult Optometry and Pulmonary Critical Care. Ms. Lopez is a certified clinical research coordinator and oversees all clinical aspects of prospective trial initiation, data collection and protocol adherence.