When it comes to treatment options, GOA realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Because of this, your surgical team will work with you to design a customized treatment plan that works best for you. To provide you with the highest quality care, GOA offers a variety of treatment options. To find the best option or combination of options that is right for you, book a consultation with GOA today!


Surgery is one treatment option offered by GOA. We offer advanced robotic minimally-invasive cancer surgery and radical cancer surgery. To learn more about your surgical options, visit our surgical pages or book a consultation.


Chemotherapy is a common treatment for advanced GYN cancers such as ovarian and endometrial, and may also be used in the treatment of cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers. GOA has our own infusion center and can offer patients outpatient chemotherapy treatment in the comfort of our office. This allows you to have familiar, certified nurses monitoring and taking care of you, as well as a GOA physician down the hall at all times.


Immunotherapy is a new and exciting realm of treatment for GYN cancer. While the benefits of immunotherapy have been known for other cancers, its application to GYN cancers is still currently being explored. So far, recent studies have shown that immunotherapy can be especially beneficial in the treatment of uterine and cervical cancers. Immunotherapy can work in a variety of ways including blocking the cancer, stimulating the immune system, and turning one’s own cancer into a vaccine to fight their cancer.

Biological Therapies:

Biological therapies target genetic weakness in cancer. In the case of ovarian cancer, they can help target blood supply to the cancer or cell repair pathways that allow cancer cells to keep growing. These treatment options are divers and their use in individualized to achieve the best outcome for each woman we see. To find out if this type of therapy, alone or in combination with chemotherapy, could be right for you, book a consultation today!