Gynecologic Oncology Associates (GOA) is a single specialty medical practice that was started in 1985 by one physician covering one hospital. Since that time, it has grown to five fellowship trained gynecologic oncologists, four physician assistants, and four chemotherapy nurses who are all supported by a staff dedicated to providing comprehensive care to women who have gynecologic cancers. Since its formation over 30 years ago, GOA has expanded from one office covering one hospital to three offices covering 10 hospitals in Orange and Southern Los Angeles county. Our growth has also allowed us to support access to clinical trials in a community setting through our partnership with Hoag Cancer Research Foundation.

GOA has become the one of the most active groups of gynecologic oncologists in California. We provide comprehensive care to patients who have gynecologic cancers as well as performing complex gynecologic surgery. Our practice performs thousands of surgical procedures annually and has a special interest in performing advanced minimally invasive surgery utilizing the da Vinci robot whenever possible. We also perform “open” surgical procedures for patients with ovarian cancer. As gynecologic oncologists are the only surgical specialists trained to administer chemotherapy, we provide offer these services in our Newport Beach office with a highly skilled team of chemotherapy certified nurses in a comfortable safe environment. GOA is dedicated to providing comprehensive patient centered care to all of our patients.